RHT Stockings Slight Imperfects – All Black SEAMED – 5 pair pack


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Product Details

Pack of 5 pairs of Imperfects in RHT UNON SEAMED BLACK. The assortment of chosen imperfect sized product will be at the discretion of the seller and duplications will occur.

These beautifully crafted stockings are a true testament to the dedication and passion of the Gio team, who refuse to compromise on quality. So, what’s the secret behind their affordable price? It’s simple – they may have a minor flaw or two, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fabulous than their “perfect” counterparts.
Think of these stockings as the charmingly quirky cousin of the classic Gio Fully Fashioned Stockings – they may have a slight snag, a barely noticeable pull, or a tiny colour discrepancy, but they still have all the style and elegance you’d expect from a high-quality stocking.

All imperfect packs are premade.
We cannot promise colours and styles for our stock in imperfects is limited to items we have leftover at our warehouse.
Gio do not accept returns or refunds on Imperfect Stockings

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