RHT Stockings Slight Imperfects – Limited Edition Assorted Colours- 5 pair pack


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Product Details

Mixed pack of 5 pairs of Imperfects in Gio Limited Edition colours. The assortment of chosen imperfect sized product will be at the discretion of the seller and duplications may occur. Expect a random mix of our 42+ Limited Edition Colours.

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly are “imperfect” stockings? Gio make sure that every single stocking met their stringent quality control standards. But sometimes, a stocking could have a tiny flaw – maybe a snag, a pull, a slight colour discrepancy, or a slight size discrepancy. The Gio Imperfect Stockings 5 pack gives you the opportunity to score some high-quality hosiery at just a fraction of the cost of their “perfect” counterparts. Talk about a steal!

And the best part? These stockings are randomly chosen from Gio’s extensive limited edition range, which means you’ll be getting an amazing variety of styles and colours to add to your collection. Your legs will thank you, and so will your wallet!

All imperfect packs are premade.
We cannot promise colours and styles for our stock in imperfects is limited to items we have leftover at our warehouse.
Gio do not accept returns or refunds on Imperfect Stockings.

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