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Purple Haze Limited Edition – Full Contrast Reinforced Heel & Toe Stockings


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Limited Edition, Full Contrast Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings in Purple Haze – Distinct Light Purple with Grey Undertones.

Experience the ultimate in retro glamour with our Full Contrast Reinforced Heel & Toe Stockings! With a black heel, foot, and welt contrasting against the leg colour, these 15 denier stockings are the epitome of vintage chic. No seam. No heel. Just full-on fabulousness!

  • Bold Contrast – The black heel, foot, and welt create an eye-catching contrast to the leg colour, making your legs stand out in any crowd.
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe – Our stockings are made to last, with a reinforced heel and toe that helps prevent runs and snags.
  • Authentic Design – Manufactured on original Pendolina knitting machines, these stockings offer a true 1950s style that can’t be beat.
  • Sheer Elegance – The 15-denier fabric offers a sheer, elegant look that flatters any leg shape and size.

Rev up your wardrobe and channel your inner pin-up girl with our Full Contrast Reinforced Heel & Toe Stockings. Perfect for pairing with your favourite vintage dress or adding a touch of retro chic to your everyday look, these stockings are a must-have for anyone who loves classic style with a modern twist.

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