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Heel Styles

Gio Stockings are pleased to offer a range of 4 different Fully Fashioned Heel styles. Whether you are looking for more of an everyday stocking or a special classy look we have something for everyone.

We recommend all of our Fully Fashioned stockings to be worn with one of our 6 strap Suspender belts to ensure a secure fit.
Point Heel stockings
Our authentic Point heel stockings, also known as a French heel, are a timeless favourite. Combining the seamed leg with a heel tapering off to a point they accentuate the length and shape of the leg.
Cuban Heel stockings

Our classic Cuban heel stockings are defined by a darkened reinforced Heel design finishing in a square top. The Cuban Heel is much thinner and finishes higher up the leg than the Havana Heel.
Havana Heel stockings

Our authentic Havana heel stockings finish with a square top and are shorter and wider than the Cuban heel. This is a new style to our range of Fully Fashioned heel designs and makes a popular alternative to the Cuban Heel.
Manhattan Heel stockings
Our Manhattan Heel stockings are rare and sought after. They are an original 1950’s Heel design similar to the Cuban but with a pointed top and an intricate outline that follows around the entire heel and foot. These Manhattans are a popular choice for that extra special touch of class.