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Manufacturing Process

Gio stockings are manufactured in our factory in Derbyshire, we are proud of the fact that we are one of the last remaining hosiery brands still manufacturing Fully Fashioned stockings in the World.


All of our stockings are made using 100% Nylon on original Reading knitting machines, only a handful of which are still operational in the world today. Our Fully Fashioned stockings are knitted flat on the Reading machines which are maintained by our skillful knitters. The stockings are knitted from the top of the welt and are then shaped down the leg as the number of needles are increased and decreased to create the unique hosiery to fit your legs perfectly. Each machine makes 30 stockings at one time using around 18 000 needles. The unique machines are kept between 74 and 78 degrees to ensure they run smoothly. The machines run on a continual chain which has studs pressed into the links- this tells the machine which pattern to follow depending on which heel style is being knitted. Each time a different Fully Fashioned heel style is made the machine chain is changed which is a huge operation. Once the stockings come off the machine they are glass ironed which shows up any slight imperfections. This is where the stockings are separated into Perfects and Slight Imperfects.


Every Fully Fashioned stocking is seamed individually by skilled Seam Machinists on original Union Special sewing machines. This is where the ‘finishing loop’ at the top of the Fully Fashioned stockings is created and is the way to tell whether you have a genuine Fully Fashioned stocking. This loop is needed for the Seaming machinist to be able to finish the seam by turning the welt of the stocking in a circle.

Each of the stockings are knitted in greige form which is a white colour. After being seamed they are bagged up and sent to be dyed into the 10 different shades across our style range.

Steam boarding

Once the stockings have returned from the dyers they are then steam boarded on original Helliot steamers. Each of the stocking legs are carefully pulled over a flat metal leg and steamed to size to tighten the knit and define the leg shape correctly whilst removing any creases.


Each individual pair of stockings goes through a number of quality control processes at each stage of manufacture. After being steamed the stockings are checked for size and paired together before being folded into our Gio packaging and sent out to our customers across the world.

The making of a Fully Fashioned stocking is a real art which is executed by a skilled team of people here at Gio who are passionate about continuing the original manufacturing processes in England to bring you timeless Nylon stockings giving you a touch of elegance and sophistication.
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