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Heel Styles

Gio Stockings are pleased to offer a range of 4 different Fully Fashioned Heel styles. Whether you are looking for more of an everyday stocking or a special classy look we have something for everyone.

We recommend all of our Fully Fashioned stockings to be worn with one of our 6 strap Suspender belts to ensure a secure fit.

Point Heel

Our authentic Point heel stockings, also known as a French heel, are a timeless favourite. Combining the seamed leg with a heel tapering off to a point they accentuate the length and shape of the leg.

Cuban Heel

Our classic Cuban heel stockings are defined by a darkened reinforced Heel design finishing in a square top. The Cuban Heel is much thinner and finishes higher up the leg than the Havana Heel.

Havana Heel

Our authentic Havana heel stockings finish with a square top and are shorter and wider than the Cuban heel. This is a new style to our range of Fully Fashioned heel designs and makes a popular alternative to the Cuban Heel.

Manhattan Heel

Our Manhattan Heel stockings are rare and sought after. They are an original 1950’s Heel design similar to the Cuban but with a pointed top and an intricate outline that follows around the entire heel and foot. These Manhattans are a popular choice for that extra special touch of class.
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